Jewish Vienna | Extended full day tour

From: 1.350,00 incl. VAT

From: 1.350,00 incl. VAT

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This tour takes you back in time, to a series of locations throughout Vienna, illustrating the rich Jewish history nature of the Austrian capital.
length of tour: 8 hours
incl. licensed guide



You will see the monument against war and fascism located on the Albertinaplatz
This attraction is covering Jewish history from the 17th century up to today as well as special exhibitions This fascinating documentation center informs you about the inventor of the 12 tone music who had to escape during the Nazi Regime This monument commemorates the victims of the deportations by the Nazis You will visit the Jewish section of Vienna´s biggest cemetery
These Sports grounds were elected to hold the 1st Maccabi games ever in a German speaking country in 2011 incorporated into a large complex of Jewish day school and senior citizen home (Maimonides center) This covers the site of the largest former synagogue of the city of Vienna The Volkertmarkt is a typical Viennese market with kosher stalls The Karmelitermarkt is a local market reflecting multi ethnical Vienna on the other side of the Danube river This museum covers Sigmund Freud´s life story and the almost eighty years he spent in Vienna This museum covers everything from the Medieval Jewish history of Vienna plus a monument for the victims of the Shoa in front of it Morzinplatz is the location of the former “Hotel Metropol”, between 1938 and 1945 headquarter of the GESTAPO in Vienna The Stadttempel is the seat of the central Synagogue and Jewish community of the city of Vienna. In the same complex a jewish book store and the Simon-Wiesenthal centre are located The institute is dedicated to te research, documentation and education concerning all things antisemitism and the Shoa


Sigmund-Freud museum
Jewish Museum Judenplatz