Grand City Tour with St. Stephen’s Cathedral

From: 1.250,00 incl. VAT

From: 1.250,00 incl. VAT

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The emphasis of this full day city tour is the St. Stephan’s Cathedral.

length of tour: 7 hours
incl. licensed guide



The Vienna State Opera House, the first major building on the “Ringstraße” is among the most famous opera houses in the world with around 350 performances each season.
This former private garden of Emperor Franz houses monuments dedicated to Mozart and Emperor Franz Stephan and encloses the “Palmenhaus”, a fine dining restaurant in the heart of the city.
These museums sitting opposite each other at the Burgring are perfect twins in their architecture. The Museum of Natural History offers a collection of over 30 million objetcs, exhibiting about 100.00 of them. The Museum of Fine Arts is the largest art museum in the country. Notable artists featured are Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Peter Paul Rubens and Gustav Klimt.
This former seat of the Emperor of Austria includes 10 wings and around 2.600 rooms, with the oldest wing dating back to the 13th century. Today the Imperial Palace is the workplace for the President of Austria.
The Viennese Giant Ferris Wheel built in 1897 to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Emperor Franz Josef I is the oldest still operating giant wheel built around the turn of the century.
This is the largest university focusing on business and economics in Europe. The campus features 6 main building complexes with the largest designed by Zaha Hadid.
This campus and building complex is home to the United Nations Office as well as several other international organizations with around 5.000 employees.
This museum designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser is the only place hosting a permanent exhibitions featuring the artists work as well as special temporary exhibitions by well renowned artists.
The Belvedere complex consists of the upper and lower Belvedere, the orangery and Palace Stables. The Upper Belvedere is home to painters and sculptors such as Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Claude Monet, Franz Xaver Messerschmidt.
Seat of the Archbishop of Vienna, this gothic building is named after St. Stephen, the first christian martyr. It has a total of 4 towers with the south tower being the highest at around 136.4 m. The Pummerin, located in the north tower, is a free swinging church bell with a weight of 20 ton it is the largest bell in Austria and traditionally rings in the New Year.
– our flagship tour – which offers a broad introduction to the must-sees and must-dos in the city that was once the cultural and economic powerhouse of a sprawling empire that stretched from Italy to the Russian border. This tour gives visitors to Vienna the opportunity to experience the grandeur of the Ringstraße, lined with impressive buildings such as the State Opera, the Hofburg or Imperial Palace, City Hall, the Museums of Natural History and Fine Arts, the parliament and many more. Built from 1858 by royal decree, replacing the thirteenth-century city walls, the boulevard was designed to showcase the glory of the Habsburg Empire and quickly became home not just to the aristocracy but also the wealthy bourgeoisie, including members of the city’s large Jewish community. The tour then moves on across the Danube canal to the Prater, the vast amusement park, which is home to the historic giant wheel, the Riesenrad. We continue towards and across the River Danube to more twenty-first century architectural spectacles such as the Vienna University of Economics as well as the Vienna International Center, the complex housing of the United Nations Office at Vienna often referred to as “UNO City”. The unique Kunsthaus Wien Museum is home to the world’s only permanent exhibition of works by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, as well as temporary special exhibitions by other big hitters in the art world. The tour concludes with a visit to Belvedere Palace, another showpiece in Vienna’s rush to catch up with London, Paris and Berlin in the race to become a major


Imperial Palace

Belvedere Palace

St. Stephen’s Cathedral